JISA - Junior Individual Savings Account. Tax free savings for your child. Open a cash junior isa or investment junior isa today and start saving towards you child’s / grandchild’s financial future.

JISA - Junior Individual Savings Account

Tax Free savings for your child / grandchild

Anyone can pay into a JISA including grandparents, family & friends

Save up to £4000 this tax year

The funds can only be accessed by the child when they reach 18

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JISA - The Baby ISA account that lets you save tax efficiently towards your child’s financial future

Welcome to JISA. We provide the latest information and deals for the UKs Junior Individual Savings Accounts (officially named Junior ISA).

It is very similar to a standard ISA in that it offers a tax free savings account for your child.

With tuition fee’s and the housing market constantly on an increase, it makes sense to put a little something away to go towards your child’s future.

With the Junior ISA Account, funds are locked away and cannot be withdrawn until the child reaches 18 years of age. This makes them perfect for saving up towards their university fee’s or even to help them purchase their first property.

The Junior ISA is to place the now redundant Child Trust fund. If your child already has a child trust fund then they will not be permitted to open a Junior ISA Account.

You will be allowed to invest up to £4000 per year and this can be split between both a cash junior isa and an investment junior isa.

One of the great features about the new Children’s ISA is that anyone can contribute towards the account including parents, grandparents, other family members and friends.

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