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JISA - Junior Individual Savings Account

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Investments For Children
If your looking to invest for your child’s future then there are many options and products available whether you are wanting to make a lump sum investment or make regular monthly payments.

Of course one of the most popular investments for children is the Junior ISA Account (JISA) which offers tax free savings for your child and can either be a cash account or an investment junior isa account.

The maximum Junior ISA Allowance is set at £3840 (this is the maximum you can pay into the account in any single tax year) but please note that if your child holds both a cash & investment Junior ISA then the total amount invested between the accounts must be no more than £3720.

There are children’s investments which offer an alternative to the Junior ISA which include the child trust fund but please note that this product is to be scrapped by the government to make way for the junior ISA. You can also open a child’s tax exempt savings plan or a Junior savings plan. Many mutual friendly societies offer all of these investments for children.


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