Investment JISA - The Investment Junior ISA - a tax free investment (stocks and shares) savings account for your child

JISA - Junior Individual Savings Account

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Junior Investment ISA
The investment JISA (investment junior individual savings account) which is officially names an Investment Junior ISA is a tax free savings account for your child.

It works in a very similar fashion to a cash junior isa but rather than holding cash in the account you hold investments such as stocks and shares, government & corporate bonds, bank deposits etc.

Many providers will be offering their own investment junior isa accounts with the main providers being mutual friendly societies and fund markets.

There are a whole range of investment junior isas available including stakeholder junior isa, stocks and shares junior isa, ethical investment junior isa and many more.

With regards to the ethical investment junior isa, it does exactly what it says on the tin in that it only invests in ethical investments which means that your account will not directly invest in the firearms, alcohol and tobacco industries.


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